About TourCom

TourCom stands for ”Tourism and Communication”.

The company was founded in 2006 as a private enterprise and was changed into a limited company in 2013.


TourCom specializes in travel marketing, training, travel production and travel projects. TourCom also organizes and supplies training material for guide and tour leader education.


Eva Jantzen, the company’s founder and CEO, has a MBA in Economics, specialized in marketing. She is also a qualified secondary school teacher. Her most important merit however, is her experience from many years in the travel trade, taking professional care of guests!


She is also the author of the book “Guide and Tour Leader”, published by Liber AB.


Eva has experience from jobs in Travel Agencies and with travel production. She has worked with marketing in the tourism business, both in Sweden and abroad. Parallel to this, she has always worked as a Tour Leader – gaining over 30 years of experience!


Since 2002 Eva has been teaching Tour leadership, Guiding techniques, Hotel and Conference, Hospitality techniques, General knowledge in Tourism, Economics, Marketing as well as International Economics for secondary school students and for  grown-ups. The main focus is always on the professional hospitality towards the guest!

Eva's knowledge and experience provide a unique background for her seminars!