References - Guiding Techniques

“Enlightening – truly! Eight hours really well spent! Especially because you were so well and professionally prepared. What I enjoyed most was that there was so much practical work involved. Exercises for us, but also how you showed us what to do – or not to do – so that we could learn by watching. How to think as a guide became clear: more marketing, less bullying…there were many eye-openers during the day!


Another positive thing was the way you treated us all, in a pleasant and professional way. Both “fair” and including, so that everyone felt at ease in the group and could overcome their nervousness. My impression, at least.  I’m not very sensitive socially…but I was nervous too.


Anything that can be done in a better way? Maybe I will be able to answer that when I’m a guide with 25 years of experience – haha. For me as a beginner, this was very good schooling, giving an appetite for more: suddenly the guide profession does not seem so frightening any longer J.”




January 2018

April 2018

Comments from a full day class on “To work as a guide and tour leader”, Agneberg Secondary School, Uddevalla, Sweden:


“Getting the feel of guiding and tour leading through exercises.”


“Great with practical exercises instead of just listening.”


“We have had great fun together but have also been very focused.”


“Tips and advice on how to do guiding best, both for groups and on bus tours.”


“We recommend that other pupils go through this training, as they will learn things about guiding and hospitality that they did not know earlier.”