References - Hospitality and Team Work

“This has been a very instructive morning, with many thoughts and new ideas about how to take care of our guests. Inspiring and fun to listen to your own job experiences.”


Very enlightening. Great with your own experiences and with discussions in small groups. I found everything to be very good. Very satisfied!”


“Excellent seminar– necessary. To talk about the important parts of good hospitality makes them stay in your mind and helps in your daily work.”


“Very good seminar! Useful with discussions within the groups, avoiding one lengthy talk. You were calm and pedagogical and gave us funny and enlightening examples! Thank you – well done!”


May 2016

January 2018

“Hospitality is our profession!! But sometimes you need to be reminded and add new thoughts and valuable discussions. So, Eva Erlandsson at TourCom was brought in, and organized training for all of Visit Trollhättan-Vänersborg.  We are very happy to recommend Eva, she is exceptionally good at mixing useful examples from her own experience with theory and exercises.”


March 2017

”Valuable and well prepared training, which has brought the group together. This will make it easier to continue the development of good hospitality towards our guests.

Well organized team work cases and exercises.

Great many thanks, we will contact you again.”


Comments from participants in a seminar focusing on:

  • Problem solving
  • Importance of Team Work
  • Body Language (introduction)

“I am very satisfied with the training. The presentation is carefully prepared, logical, and the information is extensive. Very good with discussions from one’s own job experiences. Liked best: good tempo and the nice atmosphere during the training.”


“Interesting topics and many useful reminders. Always beneficial with group discussions on topics that are relevant for all of us. I would have welcomed deeper discussions on team work, communication & strengths/weaknesses in that field. Fascinating about rhetoric, would be interesting to go deeper into that area.”


“Good and useful exercises. Sometimes difficult to find solutions to the problems. Would have liked an extended seminar on body language and how to say things in different ways to gain people’s confidence. “Elevator presentation”. Felt like a well prepared seminar!”


“Relaxing, interesting to listen to. A little more time would be welcome, for deeper discussions on certain topics. I believe we also talked a little about work places and jobs other than our own.”


“Excellent presentation with useful thoughts and tips. Valuable, with focus on problem solving and discussions on how we experience job-related problems in our organization. Beneficial with thoughts on members and how to do things better, analyzing and developing.

Would have welcomed a little more time for discussions on problems, but the time was needed for other items on the agenda. Thank you very much for new thoughts and views on different situations.”

April 2018

August 2020

Some of the students comments after a theme day of Hospitality.


”It has been a pleasure and educational to listen to you. Great presentation and funt hat you mixed it with discussions. You gathered the group well and gave interesting real life stories. This was a fun day!”


  • ”Great day
  • Fun to hear situations from real life
  • Good Powerpoint presentation with pictures
  • Group discussions - makes it possible to focus for longer
  • You tried and sucseeded to get the group into discussions.”


”A great mix of discussions and listening. You were interesting to listen to - did not get boring, as we were involved in the discussions. You are very nice and it is easy to follow along.”


  • ”Very clear of what we were going to learn today
  • Nice voice and easy to listen to
  • Nothing was boring
  • Alot of knowledge
  • A day to keep for coming students
  • Great fick group discussions
  • A day were I learned alot


Nothing negativt at all, except that you are not our teacher in one of our subjects.”