The idea about a book on guiding and tour leader techniques was born at the beginning of 2002, when Eva was educating new guides and tour leaders. In 2005 the first book was published and in 2014 the second, revised and extended issue was launched. The author is Eva Erlandsson, which was my name when the book was published by Liber AB in Sweden.


The book is written to be a base for guide and tour leader training for young people as well as grown-ups.

To be working as a guide and tour leader means than you have to know a bit about everything. You have to be a trouble-shooter, fixer, “mother”, doctor, historian, translator, economist, knowledgeable about geography, etc. etc. In this book, you will find an orientation about what the job might involve as well as basic knowledge about the challenges of the different roles.  The book contains both facts and exercises. It also provides a lot of practical tips and check lists for different situations.

Get an insight, understanding and knowledge about Guiding techniques and Hospitality!

The book can be ordered here!